Office Deep Cleaning: What Sets It Apart from General Cleaning?

Office Deep Cleaning: What Sets It Apart from General Cleaning?

Are you wondering about the difference between an office general clean and an office deep clean? Let’s dive into the details.

Office Deep Cleaning and Detailing

At a Servtown, we offer an annual deep cleaning and detailing service for our clients. This comprehensive service goes beyond the routine tasks covered in general cleaning and includes meticulous attention to areas often overlooked.

What’s Included in Office Deep Cleaning?

  1. Windows Cleaning (Internal & External): Over time, windows gather dust, grime, and fingerprints, making them look dull. We clean both the inside and outside of windows to restore their clarity and brightness. Please note: We only clean external windows up to a height reachable with a 2-step ladder.
  2. Blinds Cleaning: Blinds can collect dust and grime, affecting the air quality and appearance of your office. Our thorough blinds cleaning service rejuvenates them, enhancing both cleanliness and aesthetics.
  3. Carpet Steam Cleaning: Carpets harbor deep-seated dirt and stains, which can harbor allergens and bacteria. Our professional steam cleaning leaves carpets fresh, clean, and free from harmful contaminants.
  4. Wall Cleaning: Walls gather dirt, fingerprints, and marks over time, diminishing the office’s overall look. We removes stains and restores their original condition.
  5. Air Conditioner Vents: Clean air vents are essential for maintaining indoor air quality and preventing the buildup of dust and allergens. We ensure that your air conditioner vents are thoroughly cleaned and free from obstructions.
  6. Cleaning Behind Electrical Appliances: Dust and debris often accumulate behind electrical appliances such as monitors and printers. We take care of cleaning these hidden areas to maintain a hygienic and tidy workspace.

Special Requests

We understand that every office has unique cleaning needs. That’s why we’re always open to special requests from our clients. Whether it’s cleaning inside drawers and cupboards during office rearrangements or addressing specific cleaning concerns, we’re here to help.

Client Success Story

Recently, we were engaged by a recurring office client to perform a comprehensive deep cleaning of their offices. Our services included carpet steam cleaning, thorough surface wiping, wall cleaning, and glass cleaning. The result? A refreshed and revitalized workspace that left our client impressed and satisfied.

Location: Hornsby, NSW

Property info: 4 meetings rooms, 1 kitchenette, 1 large office area

office deep cleaning

Looking for meticulous office cleaning services in Sydney? Look no further! Reach out to us for a quote from our reliable cleaning team. 😊

Office Vacate Cleaning Chatswood

Office Vacate Cleaning Chatswood

Office size: around 180 sqm

Office layout: 2 meeting rooms, 1 large office area, 1 small office area

Date: February 2024

Location: Chatswood, NSW

We were recently called upon by a client to assist with their vacate cleaning requirements. Unlike some of the larger office cleaning projects we’ve tackled in the past, this one proved to be relatively straightforward. The main reason for this is that their office shares common areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms with other tenants in the building. As a result, our main focus was on their individual office space.

The office featured several partitions and emphasizing importance of thorough glass cleaning, which would be a key aspect of our work on this assignment. However, our attention to detail extended far beyond just the glass. We made sure to meticulously clean every surface, leaving the entire workspace spotless and gleaming.

These were some of the specific tasks involved in the office end of lease cleaning for this job.

  1. Windows Cleaning: In addition to glass cleaning, we ensured all internal windows were thoroughly cleaned, including their sills, tracks, and blinds.
  2. Floor Care: Our comprehensive floor care included vacuuming the carpeted floors to remove dust and debris. Furthermore, we meticulously wiped down all skirting boards, leaving them with a spotless finish.
  3. Air Conditioner Vents: Over time, dust had accumulated on air conditioner vents. We addressed this by either dusting them or wiping them with a damp cloth, provided they were easily accessible and within reach.
  4. Spot Clean Walls: During the vacate cleaning process, we commonly discovered scuff marks on walls left behind by previous furniture. Recognizing the scrutiny of property agents, we proactively inspected all walls, armed with cleaning products, and swiftly removed any scuff marks and stains we encountered.
  5. Detailing: Attention to detail was paramount in our approach. We meticulously inspected and cleaned hard-to-reach areas such as corners, crevices and door handles to ensure no trace of dirt or dust was left behind.

If you need a reliable cleaning team who provides detailed and meticulous cleaning services for your office in Chatswood, or any surrounding suburbs, feel free to contact us for a quote! 🙂

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