Display Home Cleaning Chatswood

Display Home Cleaning Chatswood

In the heart of Chatswood, Goldfields Group is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation in property development. When their marketing team reached out to us for assistance in revitalizing their display home, we were honored to offer our commercial cleaning service.

Cleaning a display home goes beyond the ordinary; it requires a meticulous eye for detail and a dedication to perfection. Our mission was clear: to breathe new life into Goldfields Group’s showcase Breathing a new life into Goldfields Group’s showcase property and create a memorable first impression for potential buyers is the main objective of this cleaning job.

While our standard cleaning protocol covers essential tasks like dusting, vacuuming, and mopping, we knew that the key is to pay attention to details that people often overlook.

Here’s a glimpse of the additional cleaning tasks we did to ensure every corner sparkled with brilliance:

  1. Remove any fingerprints from glass and window – Our team went through every single piece of glass to ensure any fingerprints are removed, ensuring the glasses are gleamed with crystal clarity.
  2. Wipe down skirting boards – We took the time to wipe down skirting boards, eliminating any dust or grime that may have accumulated.
  3. Polish stainless steel surface and mirrors – Our team polish all stainless surface to a mirror-like shine, enhancing the visual appeal of the space
  4. Dust all chairs – Our team dusted all chairs ensuring they were free from any debris or unsightly marks.
  5. Remove any visible stains and scratch marks – We noticed scratch marks on the floor caused by indoor plants, and our team promptly attended to them.


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These are some photos depicting how our team removed the scratch marks from the floor once they were discovered.


floor cleaning 1 floor cleaning 2 floor cleaning 3

Ready to elevate your showcase property to the next level of cleanliness?

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