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Whether you are a business owner, office manager or a strata committee who is looking for a reliable cleaning team to look after your office or commercial space, we believe we would meet and exceed your expectations consistently.

All of cleaners has to go through background checks and we provide comprehensive online and onsite training to our cleaners before they are allowed to work independently on cleaning jobs. That helps to ensure you receive consistent quality of cleaning service every single time despite which cleaner is on duty that day.

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Our 3 Step Hiring Process

Schedule a Free Onsite Quote

Schedule a Free Onsite Quote

Fill out the form on the existing office cleaning page or the generic form provided on our website.

We would get back to you as soon as possible by phone or email.

Discuss All Cleaning Requirements

Discuss All Cleaning Requirements

You might have some specific cleaning needs which is unique to your team and commercial premise, let us know and our team will work our best to customise a cleaning plan for you. We will discuss the cleaning work scope and schedule with your advance to ensure you receive the best cleaning outcome within your budget.

A premium quality office cleaning service that won’t cost you a fortune.

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Review All Cleaning Requirements / Finalise Quote

You might have a preferred time for our cleaners to come in and do the cleaning. Let us know, and we would work something out for you 🙂

How it feels to have cleaners to take ownership of their work?

You might have come across cleaners who deliver inconsistent cleaning service, it’s clean one day and it’s substandard cleaning on another day until you make a complaint. The cycle repeats occasionally and you started to grow tired of it.

Once our cleaners are onboard, we are committed to be your cleaning partner on a long term basis. What it means is we look after every nooks and cranny of your office space, making sure you and your team comes into the office feeling great everyday.

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    Desks & Furnitures

    We help our office client to wipe high touched areas, such as common tables, desks and handrails. Only professionally done cleaning work, no substandard cleaning services.

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    Maintain a hygienic common bathrooms is part of our job. We make sure all of the bathrooms, toilets and floors are properly cleaned and disinfected.

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    Nothing is worse than an office full with garbage and having boxes lying around. We help offices to empty their bins, take out all of the recycling items, such as card boxes and papers.

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    As a regular office cleaning, we vacuum all carpeted areas daily, weekly or fortnightly. Carpet steam cleaning service is also available upon request to freshen up your office every 6 months or 12 months.

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    We help offices to clean and tidy up their kitchenette area. We help you to stack and run the dishwasher too. Fridge cleaning is available upon request.

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    Common Areas

    We help you to clean shared workspaces, meeting rooms and board rooms. All of the desks or chair handles will be wiped.

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Reliable and Insured Cleaners

You want reliable and trustworthy cleaners who not only do a fantastic cleaning job. They are also credible and properly insured so if any accidental damage happens at your commercial premise, you are covered.

You want a cleaning company who has pre-screened their cleaners and have their cleaners professionally trained. So you can fully focus on operating and building your business without having to check on our cleaners constantly. To us, that would be a complete waste of your time.

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The cost of a professional office clean depending various factors. This includes the size and condition of the office (sqm), time and day of the clean and work scope. Rest assured that we work within your budget to get the best cleaning outcome.
We use commercial grade disinfectant and proper cleaning products to clean different surfaces to avoid damages. Our experienced cleaners equipped with the know-how to manage the cleaning tasks.
Our cleaning procedures, products and chemicals are aligned with the COVID-19 regulations and guidelines from Safe Work Australia and the NSW Government.
Please kindly fill out the online form or give us a call, we'll arrange a time to do the on-site quotation. It usually take 10-15mins for the on-site visit to discuss your cleaning requirements in detail.

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