How to keep your home clean and free from Coronavirus

As the world continues to adjust to living with Coronavirus, it has become increasingly important to establish an effective cleaning routine at home with the intent of avoiding COVID-19 infection. Having an effective cleaning plan in place can also lower the risk of transmission from people who come in and out of your household.

In this guide, we will discuss some effective tools for keeping your house Coronavirus-free and safe for you and your family.

Disinfectant or detergent?

The answer is both.

In order to truly and effectively clean your household in a way that will make it Covid-safe, you must first clean with a detergent and then later on disinfect the same surface areas.

Detergents are meant to remove any dirt, germs or impurities from any contact surfaces, whereas disinfectants are chemical solutions formulated to “kill” rather than remove viruses and bacteria. For this reason, it becomes a two-part process of first cleaning any surfaces, especially high contact surfaces, then later on using an effective disinfectant to kill the viruses and bacteria.

Below are a few examples of disinfectants and detergents that you might already have at home:

Household Detergents

  • Liquid soap
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Bleach
  • Ammonia

Remember to never ever mix bleach and ammonia and always ensure that the expiration date on the product is good otherwise it will not be effective.

Household Disinfectants

  • Alcohol
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Quaternary ammonium
  • Disinfectant wipes

Prioritize cleaning high contact surfaces.

Any surface area that you regularly come into contact with is considered to be a high contact surface. This can include door knobs, handles, light switches, any touchscreen mobile devices, tables, chairs, remote controls, any electronics, bathrooms, and kitchen surfaces.

For low contact surfaces, such as the floors, walls, ceilings, curtains or blinds, using a household detergent is enough.

Hygienic at-home Practices

There are many simple habits that we can create at home in order to promote a higher level of cleanliness for ourselves and those who come in and out of our households regularly.

Here are 5 useful tips:

  1. As soon as you arrive home, make it a point to remove your shoes before entering your house. This can also be a rule for household guests to avoid tracking less dirt and germs into your home environment.
  2. Always make it a point to wash your hands as soon as you arrive home before touching any other surfaces, especially your own face.
  3. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer by the front door for any guests to use once they arrive.
  4. ​​Keep a few extra pairs of washable slippers or cozy socks at home to offer guests so they can be extra cozy and yet still hygienic!
  5. Always have tissues on hand and make sure to cough or sneeze into a tissue or your elbow rather than your hands. To be extra cautious, immediately wash or sanitize your hands afterwards.

Ventilation is key.

While working hard to make sure that you keep your household as Covid-free as possible, it is also very important to make sure that you keep your space very well ventilated. Cleaning detergents and household disinfectants can have adverse effects on your lungs so it’s important to protect yourself by making sure that enough air is circulating throughout your household as you clean.

Also be sure to always follow the instructions for the chemicals that you choose to use. A good rule of thumb is to never mix chemical compounds because you can create dangerous and explosive chemical reactions.

Remember to dilute the cleaning products that you’re using as instructed because some of them can be very harsh.
We hope you can find some useful information in this article and that you’re keeping you and your family as Covid safe as possible!