Carpet Steam Cleaning – Services Terms & Conditions


Once you have submitted your Booking Request, we will email you a quote (Quote) which sets out the price and timing for which we can arrange Cleaning Services for you.

At the time you receive your Quote, your requested cleaning date and time is available for booking. However we do not hold dates or times open and you agree to pay the Price to secure your cleaning date and time and as a precondition to us providing the Cleaning Services.

Pricing & Quote Variations

Although we make our best efforts to provide the most accurate quote based on the info given, a Quote Variation may be required after the initial inspection conducted by our cleaners upon arrival. These includes the following:

  • The state/condition of the carpet  is not as described
  • The carpet is heavily stained and soiled
  • Extra rooms/ living area/ stairs need to be cleaned, which is not disclosed to us in your initial Booking Request

If your property has no access to the lift / or no lift and your property is located on the 2nd floor and above, extra charges are applicable. This is because our cleaners need to carry the portable steam clean machines upstairs to the multistorey apartment. 

Cancellation and rescheduling

Have a change of mind? No worries! As long as we are given more than 48 hours of notice, we will provide you with a full refund. 

If you cancel or reschedule a Booking within 48 hours before your Booking Date, you must pay $100 as a cancellation fee (and we will refund you any other amounts you have paid or transfer them to another Booking). You agree that this is a genuine pre-estimate of our losses.

We reserve the right to cancel the booking and charge a cancellation fee of $100, if

  • Our team could face health or safety concerns
  • We haven’t been given 48 hours cancellation notice
  • There is no  reasonable to access to water and/or electricity or parking spot
  • There is no one available to let us inside at the time of service and/or there are no other means of access to the property
  • If our cleaning teams arrive at the specified property and there is a cancellation through no fault of our own, we reserve the right to charge $100 as a minimum callout fee. You agree that this is a genuine pre-estimate of our losses.


You agree to pay us the full Price as specified in the invoice at least 48 hours before the time of your Booking (Booking Date) to secure your Booking Date. All amounts are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST (unless otherwise stated).

  • If you make payments by debit/credit card via our payment processor (Stripe) will incur a 1.8% surcharge on the Price.
  • If you make payment by direct deposit, you agree to email your remittance to us at least 48 hours before your Booking Date.

Property Access

If the property is not accessible by key or the Cleaner is unable to enter at the agreed time as you are late to show up at the property to give access to our cleaners , You agree to pay us a $40 per hour non-access fee up to the full amount of the total cost of the job;

We have estimated the time taken to complete each cleaning job. If under any extreme cases where the Cleaner couldn’t access the property up to 1 hour (due to no fault on our own) to start the cleaning job on time and the Cleaner has other cleaning jobs lining up after your Booking, we reserve the right to charge you $100 for rescheduling or cancelling your booking

Stain Removal

At Servtown, we do not provide a 100% stain removal guarantee. 

Although our team will try our very to remove the stains completely, we do not deliver guaranteed services on 100% stain removal for reasons below:

  • There are certain kinds of stains, including but not limited to bleach stains, ammonia stains, acid stains, grease stains, dyes and high-alkaline solutions that tend to leave permanent stains/marks on your carpet.
  • The ability to remove the stain completely depending on the type of stains, the age the stain and the fabric type of the items. (i.e If you have a red wine stain which has been in the carpet for more than 6 months, there is a possibility we won’t be able to remove it completely despite the use of chemicals.)

Before starting the stain removal treatment, we need to know what treatments and attempts that have been tried onto the stains. 

In the events, stains being too old and stubborn and we are not able to clean them completely, we will discuss the scenario with you.  Only after your approval, we will proceed with the process to lighten the stains to make them least noticeable.

Smell and Mould Removal

At Servtown, we do not provide 100% smell and mould removal.

Our team will try our very best to remove smell / odour, we do not deliver guaranteed services on 100% smell/ odour for reasons below:

  • Pet urine stain/odour – In some cases, the pet urine might have settled to the carpet subfloor or carpet underlay where  a carpet replacement might be required to eliminate the odour completely. 

Other Considerations 

Damages we cannot be held responsible for while cleaning including but not limited to the following:

  • Weak Dyes and dyeing methods used on the carpets and rugs in the past, that may discolour while cleaning.Fading caused by sun damage.Weak and brittle condition of your rugs and carpets
  • Discolourations caused by acids and high alkaline solutions. Use of inappropriate methods while doing carpet cleaning at home in the past.
  • Shaded carpets with high-foot traffic. Latex and bonding deterioration (latex used in some backings and for fringing, tape binding, seaming, and other repairs. It does deteriorate over time and may loosen during the cleaning process.
  • Also, some carpets and rugs may change texture and appearance after cleaning. Hence, we cannot take responsibility for the same.
  • Carpet areas where sub-standard and weak dyes or dyeing methods have been used may discolour during the cleaning process. In such cases, no complaints shall be entertained by the company.

Post Cleaning Care – After Carpet Steam Cleaning

  • The carpets and rugs need a substantial amount of time (min 6-8 hours) to dry out completely after cleaning. It can take longer than 8 hours depending on the carpet condition and how ventilated the property is. 
  • To keep the property well-ventilated, we would recommend keeping the doors and windows open to help the carpets to dry. 


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