Carpet Steam Cleaning in Northwood

  • Improves the air quality of the house or office
  • Removes allergens
  • Livens up the room
  • Makes a healthier space for children and pets
  • Increases the life of your carpet
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Our Prices

Property Standard
1 Bed 1 Lounge 1 Hallway From $140
Extra Lounge $60
Extra Staircase $20
Extra Hallway (6sqm) $20
Stain Removal Custom quote

The Benefits of Having Your Carpet Steam Cleaned

Having your carpet steam cleaned reaps many benefits, and when you book your carpet steam cleaning Northwood with us, your bank balance will be happy too!

Improves the air quality in your home and/or workplace

It’s a fact that carpets are the perfect place to trap in dirt and allergens. This, in turn, makes the air quality poorer. By getting your carpet steam cleaned, your family in your home and workers in the office have a healthier space because the trapped nasties in the carpet are removed.

Increases the longevity of your carpet

Even the smallest of carpets are expensive to replace. Buying the new carpet, having it fitted, disposing of the old carpet… it all adds up. Why bother getting a new carpet and spending so much money when you can simply increase the life of your current carpet? Getting a carpet steam clean will clean your carpet so well that it will look new.

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 Our Cleaning Process

No matter what type of carpet you have and the condition of it, we can clean it. This is because we examine each client’s carpet before we clean. Once we have seen the condition of the carpet and the textiles it’s made up of, we create a carpet cleaning solution for it.

As a general guide we: 

  1. Inspect the carpet 
  2. Remove furniture 
  3. Do all pre-treatments required (such as pre-treatment for stain removal), pre-vacuum cleaning and so forth 
  4. Carry out hot water extraction cleaning 
  5. Allow the carpet to dry thoroughly

We Remove Stains and Smells

  • Wine-Icon

    Food and drink spillages

    Some food and drinks can be mopped up easily without leaving a stain. However, certain foods just won’t budge. They’ll budge when we tackle them, though. We can remove tough food and drink stains that regular household items won’t move.

  • Blood-Icon

    Pet marks and smells

    Our furry friends are beautiful, but sometimes they can leave a mess on the carpet that is unsightly and stinky. Our cleaners can remove the stains and smells caused by pets in no time.

  • Ink stains

    Ink can be difficult to remove, especially if it’s dark. Our powerful steam carpet cleaning in Northwood can remove even dark ink patches.

Areas We Serve Carpet Cleaning Services in Northwood

Wherever you are in Carlingford or the surrounding suburbs or streets, we’re here to help! We service all units, apartments, houses and offices nearby.

  • Point Rd
  • Northwood Rd
  • Cliff Rd
  • Upper Cliff Rd
  • Private Rd
  • Eva St
  • Holden St
  • James St
  • Bayview St
  • Woodford St




This itself doesn't have a fixed answer as it depends on a few factors, such as, kids, pets, allergies and the usage of the carpet. We generally recommend to have your carpet cleaned at least 1-2 times a year. The more regular you have you carpet cleaned, the more they will last as the soil and dirt can harm you carpet.
Yes! Although we'd recommend to keep it away from heavy traffic for at least few hours until the carpet is completely dry. It's okay to walk on the carpet with clean shoes or slippers.
With the standard carpet steam cleaning process, approximately 95% of the moisture has been extracted. The carpet normally takes around 3-6 hours to dry, depending on the carpet material and the level of airflow in the house. You can walk on the carpet upon the completion of the service.
Running ventilation fans or a portable dehumifier can speed up the carpet drying process as they keep the air surrounding your carpet dry by eliminating the moisture. If you lack a dehumifier or air conditioning, keeping your doors and windows open or running stationary fans could help. "
Yes, please make sure all furnitures have been moved prior to the arrival of the team, especially if there's any carpet area underneath the heavy furniture you'd like us to clean. Otherwise, we should be able to move light furnitures, such as small coffee tables or chairs.
Yes, we'd highly recommend to have at least one person staying in the property when the service takes place. In case any questions or issues arise.

Our Reviews

  • Lim Ju-Lian Avatar
    Lim Ju-Lian
    17/08/21 - Google

    professional advices given with proper flow and process to clean up. given the best way and affordable pricing.

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    Jamie Chan
    17/07/21 - Google

    Professional service, responsive and detailed advise on the service that I needed. Highly recommended.Definitely will engage their service... read more

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    Iris Tan
    17/07/21 - Google

    Excellent & friendly service !! Made my house so sparkling clean, thank youuu !!

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    Christopher Yee Kang Yung
    11/07/21 - Google

    ServTown is responsive and patiently answered all my inquiries. Good service and value!

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    Jamie Chan
    04/07/21 - Google

    Professional service, responsive and detailed advise on the service that I needed. Highly recommended.
    Definitely will engage their service...
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    Kevin Christopher Torres
    14/06/21 - Google

    Fast, professional, and super competitive rates. It's hard to imagine anyone else doing a better job, because our... read more

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    09/06/21 - Google

    Very responsive and very detailed. Asked all the right questions to make sure the expectation is met and... read more

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    17/05/21 - Google

    Prompt response, fast delivery, easy to communicate and manage to get the job done. Highly recommended to anyone... read more

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    17/02/21 - Google

    ServTown is very responsive , I was contacted within a day after I put through an enquiry. They... read more

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