Carpet Steam Cleaning in Lane Cove

  • Professional cleaners who get your carpet spotless
  • Makes a more hygienic home
  • Gets rid of smells stuck in your carpet
  • Gets rid of marks and stains for good
  • Increases the life of your carpet
Carpet Cleaning Sydney

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Property Standard
1 Bed 1 Lounge 1 Hallway From $140
Extra Lounge $60
Extra Staircase $20
Extra Hallway (6sqm) $20
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Carpet Cleaning in Lane Cove Removes Pet Marks

Animal business

Sometimes pets do their toilet business on your carpet. A simple clean will temporarily cover up the marks and smells, but then the brownish-yellow comes through and the smell is unmasked. By getting a professional to clean your carpet, these stains and smells are removed entirely.

Gentle, yet effective

Our cleaning solutions can remove even the toughest of pet odours and stains, without damaging even the most delicate of carpets! Keep browsing for more information on how we clean carpets in Lane Cove.

carpet cleaning services

How We Clean

  1. Remove all furniture and items from the carpet
  2. Pre-vacuum the carpet
  3. Unsettle trapped particles with pre-sprays
  4. Pre-treat any areas that need special attention (stains and smells)
  5. Carry out hot water extraction carpet cleaning
  6. Dry the carpet

Stain Removal

We have the tools to remove stains from your carpets. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Urine-Icon

    Fruit and vegetable juice

    Some fruits and vegetables can dye your carpet, and leave behind a sticky residue that becomes smelly. Our cleaners are able to remove the colour staining and the smell and residue. We help you to remove any pet urine odours from your carpets and rugs effectively by using hot water extraction method.

  • Pen-Ink-Icon

    Ink Stain Removal

    Ink is usually dark and difficult to get rid of. However, we can get rid of ink that has soaked into the carpet.

  • Blood-Icon

    Blood Stain Removal

    Another tough stain to remove, especially when the carpet has soaked it up like a sponge. Our professional carpet cleaners in Lane Cove can reach deep into your carpet and remove blood stains.

  • Boots-Icon

    Dirt and Grime

    Sometimes just general wear and tear from walking in and out of your house can leave behind mucky stains, We can get them gone for you.

  • Coffee-Icon

    Coffee Stain Removal

    When you are busy, it’s easy to spill coffee. Cleaning it up is the nightmare. We can reach down into the layers of your carpet and remove dark coffee stains thoroughly.

Areas We Serve Carpet Cleaning Services in Lane Cove

If you are living in Lane Cove or any of the surrounding areas, we offer carpet cleaning for you. We have experience cleaning carpets in houses, apartment buildings and offices. Don’t hesitate to make a booking.

  • Epping Rd
  • Landers Rd
  • Mowbray Rd
  • Longueville Rd
  • Burns Bay Rd
  • Howarth Rd
  • Finlayson St
  • Centennial Avenue
  • Ralston St
  • Helen St
  • Burley St
  • Birdwood Avenue


This itself doesn't have a fixed answer as it depends on a few factors, such as, kids, pets, allergies and the usage of the carpet. We generally recommend to have your carpet cleaned at least 1-2 times a year. The more regular you have you carpet cleaned, the more they will last as the soil and dirt can harm you carpet.
Yes! Although we'd recommend to keep it away from heavy traffic for at least few hours until the carpet is completely dry. It's okay to walk on the carpet with clean shoes or slippers.
With the standard carpet steam cleaning process, approximately 95% of the moisture has been extracted. The carpet normally takes around 3-6 hours to dry, depending on the carpet material and the level of airflow in the house. You can walk on the carpet upon the completion of the service.
Running ventilation fans or a portable dehumifier can speed up the carpet drying process as they keep the air surrounding your carpet dry by eliminating the moisture. If you lack a dehumifier or air conditioning, keeping your doors and windows open or running stationary fans could help. "
Yes, please make sure all furnitures have been moved prior to the arrival of the team, especially if there's any carpet area underneath the heavy furniture you'd like us to clean. Otherwise, we should be able to move light furnitures, such as small coffee tables or chairs.
Yes, we'd highly recommend to have at least one person staying in the property when the service takes place. In case any questions or issues arise.

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