Why would I hire an end-of-lease cleaning professional instead of cleaning myself ?

When it comes to vacate cleaning, we often ask ourselves why do I need to hire end of lease cleaning professionals to do it when I can do it myself? Yes, it’s true and valid to say that we can do the cleaning ourselves with some friends or family’s help. However, we often underestimate the actual time, energy and expertise required to perform a professional, clean which would meet property agents’ expectations.

Time saving & Hassle free

A standard 1 Bed 1 Bath unit or apartment can often take up to 5-6 hours for an end of lease cleaning. A 3 Bed 2 Bath house can take up to 16-18 man hours to complete a bond clean.

Not to mention, if you are doing a bond clean for the first time or the rental property has an extra balcony, extra sliding doors and window, it could easily take an additional 1-2 hours to finish the clean.

Tenants who are time poor and lead a busy life would often leave these cleaning hassles to the professionals so they can focus on more important stuff such as moving house. As you can imagine, furniture moving and packing itself can be overwhelming and time consuming.

If you have time on hand, have high attention to detail and don’t mind the extra hassles, you can always do the cleaning yourself or even have family members or friends to help you with it.

Higher chances in passing agent’s final inspection

It’s fair to say that a professional exit clean performed by experienced cleaners often has a higher rate of passing your property’s agent high standards, after all this is cleaners’ bread and butter, they definitely understand an agent’s expectations better than tenants who do only do a bond clean once a blue moon

By engaging professionals to do the cleaning, you as a tenant can pass your final inspection at the first instance and get your bond money back instantly.

If you choose to do the cleaning yourself, you might run the risk of not passing the final inspection and have to do a second round of cleaning yourself to rectify the cleaning issues.

Worst case scenario, the agent is still not satisfied with the cleanliness and you have run out of chances to resolve the cleaning issues, your bond money might get deducted and this might leave a record on your rental reference.