End Of Lease Cleaning – Exclusion List

Our End of Lease Cleaning Service provides a standard package for rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens outlined in cleaning checklists provided on our website.

However, it is possible that you may need extra services to cover other aspects that your real estate agent required. These can be added as “extras” using our quotation form.

Optional Add Ons (Extra charges applicable)

  • Carpet steam clean
  • Upholstery steam clean
  • Spot clean walls / wall wash
  • External window wash
  • Appliance interior deep clean
  • Fridge/freezer deep clean
  • Blind/shutter deep clean
  • Flyer screen cleaning
  • Extra balcony
  • More than 4 sliding doors / 4 glass doors
  • Rubbish disposal
  • Other special cleaning requests
  • Courtyard – there will be extra charges if it’s too dirty
  • Mould removal – if the condition is too severe, a specialist’s service is required.
  • Oven cleaning – if the condition is too severe, a oven specialist cleaning service is required.


Throughout our initial inspection of your property or after an attempt at cleaning has been done, there are sometimes areas of a home that cannot be solved. These cases are rare, but unfortunately can happen. If this does happen, our Free Reclean service won’t apply to these areas. We will inform you immediately in these cases.
The areas that can cause issues include, but are not limited to the following:

  • permanent carpet stains
  • permanent hard water stains
  • permanent wall marks
  • rusting
  • old grease stains
  • oven tough stains – including but not limited to burn marks, aged greasy stains which can’t be removed completely.

Other Cleaning Exclusions

There are few things we do not cover in our end of lease cleaning service as follows:

  • Curtains or fabric blinds
  • Areas outside of normal reach or that may be inaccessible
  • Ceiling, ceiling fans, light fixtures, or windows
  • Windows with fly screens attached
  • The internals of washing machines / dryers
  • Appliances that require disassembly
  • Barbecues
  • Gardens
  • Garage walls
  • Mould:
    • If you have added mould removal as part the cleaning service, our team would do our very best to clean the mould. However, some mould can be imbedded into silicon, grout and other areas. These areas will require a specialist to restore it back  to a normal state.
  • Discoloration:
    • Discoloration can happen sometimes with normal wear and tear of the property. These include grout, plastics and toilet can discolor (often in a yellow color)
  • Tile and Natural Rock stains :
    • Some of the stains might not be able to be completely removed from tiles or benchtops which made with natural rock (some being extremely porous). This will require a specialist to remove it.
  • Complete Wall Clean
    • We do spot cleaning of walls for insect marks or stains.  However, a complete wall clean requires more time and it doesn’t often lead to better results. A full wall clean is only required if marks exist beyond normal ‘wear and tear’.
  • Hazardous or dangerous areas
    • Cracked or broken power point, dangerous light fitting, rubbish, bio waste and any other areas which deemed to be a hazardous cleaning situation.
  • Heights
    • Our cleaners do not clean at heights. Any cleaning that requires a ladder will not be performed. For instance, external windows of a unit on the second floor.
  • Access
    • We do not clean any place which is hard to reach or dangerous to touch. We do not dismantle exhaust fans or air conditioners to clean inside. We do not pull out the dishwashers or ovens to clean behind. We only wipe the dishwashers, we do not dismantle the filters. We only clean what is visible and accessible. We don’t pull out the heavy items from their place like oven or dishwasher. We only clean around what is safe and easily accessible.
      Oven Cleaning
  • Specialist services:
    • Any area which requires special cleaning equipment or skilled technician to carry out the service. For instance, pressure cleaning (grease on the driveway or garage floor).
  • Additional Items:
    • Any items not listed in the services inclusion list will not be cleaned, such as Fridge, Blinds and so on. Unless this is agreed upon by both parties in writing.

Additional Services (will be quoted separately)

The services below will be quoted separately upon request.

  • Pressure cleaning
  • Pool maintenance
  • Garden maintenance
  • Rubbish removal

Furnished Property Inclusion

  • Furnished properties will be quoted separately.
  • Dust and wipe over furniture surfaces
  • Inside of kitchen cupboards will only be cleaned if all items are emptied from the cupboard and placed in front of the cupboard. We are not liable for any damage or breakages of cupboard items.
  • Cleaning behind or around furniture/any heavy object over 5kg must be moved by the client prior to the commencement of the bond clean (and put back if applicable) for our cleaners to gain access and clean.

Furnished Property Exclusions

  • We do not clean or warrant, ‘nick knacks’, picture frames, vases, lamps, clocks, fruit bowls, linen and any item that may be decorated.