Pre-Sale Cleaning

When it comes to pre-sale cleaning, we’re honored to have Start Lin, who is an experienced property agent to share some of his insights to clear up some of the questions users usually have regarding ‘presale cleaning’ 🙂 Read on for more tips and insights.

Do you have to clean the house before selling?

Yes! Absolutely.

When it comes to selling your home, first impressions count.

This is because that first impression can have a direct impact on the final offer price.

When the buyer comes to see the home, they will go through every detail to determine the value of the home. If the condition of the property isn’t up to par the tenant will perceive that they need to spend money to fix things. As a result, you as a seller might get a lower offer price for some small defects which are found on the property.

That is why it is of utmost importance that the home is always in a good condition throughout the entire sale campaign and process.

What are the requirements of pre-sale cleaning? 

Pre-sale cleaning is one of those cleaning where the cleaning standards need to be tip-top. Read on for some of the key things you need to be aware of during the pre-sale cleaning.

1. Everything needs to be shiny

By everything we mean is all of the tapware, sink, cooktop, handles, pretty much everything in metal or stainless steel.

2. No cobwebs

Making sure there are no cobwebs at all areas, such as ceilings, windows, balcony and garage.

3. No stains.

All of the grease and stains in the kitchen must be removed prior to the viewing.

If there are any stubborn stains that cannot be removed and time is running out, you are running out of time, then little trick is to cover it.

You can do so Either with a piece of furniture.

4. No dirt trapped at certain corners

Don’t skip any corners, any visible areas should be sparkling clean before a property viewing.

5. Clean windows with no watermarks

Make sure you have the interior and the exterior of the windows cleaned properly.

Windows that are cleaned properly will be free from Make sure there are no watermarks or streaks on the surface. of the window,

The potential buyers would notice if there’s any watermarks and streaks tend to stand out on windows.

6. No scratches on the wall

Some home sellers would think that they can bypass minor scratches on the wall without fixing them.

7. Gardening & landscaping

If you are selling a townhouse or a house which comes with a garden, hire a professional gardening and landscaping company.

Investing some money to get professional gardening and landscaping done can could create a beautiful living environment.

This will eventually help to boost the monetary value of your property.

What does a Pre-Sale cleaning include?

Clutter can make any space instantly unattractive and scare away potential buyers.

This step takes a bit of time since you may have to search through various items, but it is well worth it.

If you end up with items like books, ornaments, etc. , you can pack them away in a bag and put it in a corner where it does not create any problems.

Cleaning of the kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most inspected rooms of the home when a potential buyer comes for a viewing

The kitchen should be free from clutter and all the surfaces including the countertops, taps, sink, kitchen appliances, etc. , should be sparkling.

If there is any foul smell lingering after cooking, open up to let some fresh air in.

In the end, you want the kitchen to sparkle and to appear inviting.

Cleaning the bathroom

This is yet another room in the home that is inspected with eagle eyes during a viewing.

Just like a kitchen, a bathroom links directly to health and well-being.

The bathroom needs to be clean, neat and tidy with no trace of dirt or grime anywhere.

Remove anything that will instantly make the bathroom look disgusting like left over soap, old toothbrushes and others.

In addition to all this, the bathroom needs to have a pleasant smell as well.

Bedroom cleaning

On the day of viewing, change your sheets and put away any clothes lingering about.

All mirrors should be free from fingerprints, while the furniture, windows and surfaces in the bedroom should all be properly cleaned.

You can put the blinds up on the day of the viewing to improve the ambience of the bedroom.

Living room cleaning

The living room is one of the first rooms the potential buyer sees when they enter the home.

Everything thing in the room should be cleaned and well aligned including electronics, furniture and the carpet.

Also leave some free space so that the buyer can imagine the possibilities of the room with their belongings.

Interior design cleaning

This involves cleaning lights, fans, inner windows and other fixtures that may not come to mind right away.

External area cleaning

As much as the condition of the inside of the home matters so does the outside.

Mow the lawn, keep the grass short and clear pathways to attract buyers and pique interest to check inside.

Clear the hallway

Keep the hallway free from shoes and any other items that can make the space look cluttered.

Essentially, you want a spacious hallway that will beckon the buyer to inspect the home further.

About the Guest Property Agent

Start Lin

Start Lin from Concrete Property is an experienced property agent who currently holds a Class 1 Real estate agent license. With up to 8 years of working experience under his belt, Start has been passionate about helping homeowners with any real estate sales and leasing functions.

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