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Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Our Prices

Property Standard
1 Bed 1 Lounge 1 Hallway From $140
Extra Lounge $60
Extra Staircase $20
Extra Hallway (6sqm) $20
Stain Removal Custom quote

Prices subject to change without prior notice

Carpet Cleaning Makes Your Home Healthier

Better hygiene

Steam carpet cleaning uses very hot temperatures. These temperatures kill the germs and bacteria that are thriving in the threads of your carpet. When our cleaning solutions are used alongside the hot temperatures, nothing stands a chance, That means that pollutants from the outside world are gone. Allergens, grime and stains too! Carpet cleaning in Meadowbank makes your home more hygienic.

Gives you peace of mind

How great does it feel when you look at your home after cleaning? The place seems so much more comfortable to live in. Having steam carpet cleaning Meadowbank done by a professional will make you feel fantastic. It brightens up the place and makes everyone smile. If you want your home carpet cleaned, your family will feel great. If you want your office carpet cleaned, your workers will feel fantastic.

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Our Cleaning Process

We want to provide carpets all over Sydney that are free from as many disgusting things as possible. Whether it be pollutants, allergens, stains, grime, germs, dust mites… We want them gone! Because of this, we use the hot water extraction method.

The hot water extraction method

We pump hot water into the multiple layers of your carpet. If needs be, we also do any required pre-treatments for smells, stains, special areas and so on. The hot water kills germs lurking in your carpet, and the pre-treatments help us to remove everything stuck in the fibres. We then use a powerful suction to remove the dirty water solution and dry the carpet. Then, you’ll be flabbergasted! You’ll think your carpet is new!

Why Choose Us?

  • Carpet-Cleaner-Icon

    Dedicated team

    We have a team of cleaners and representatives that work tirelessly at cleaning all homes across Sydney.

  • We have the skills

    We ensure our cleaners are trained to the utmost of standards to give all carpets the best cleaning.

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    We have the latest equipment

    We keep up to date with all of our equipment and make sure it is regularly serviced to make sure our cleaners are safe and our customers are getting the best carpet cleaning in Meadowbank.

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    Tailor-made carpet cleaning

    We always inspect your carpet before we start working, then we make a tailor-made cleaning method for you (using the hot water extraction method).

Areas We Serve Carpet Cleaning Services in Meadowbank

We can provide cleaning for your houses, apartments, offices, and even upholstery all over Meadowbank and nearby areas.

  • Constitution Rd
  • Constitution Rd West
  • Railway Rd
  • Bowden St
  • Nancarrow Avenue
  • Angas St
  • Bank St
  • Rothesay Avenue
  • Bank St


This itself doesn't have a fixed answer as it depends on a few factors, such as, kids, pets, allergies and the usage of the carpet. We generally recommend to have your carpet cleaned at least 1-2 times a year. The more regular you have you carpet cleaned, the more they will last as the soil and dirt can harm you carpet.
Yes! Although we'd recommend to keep it away from heavy traffic for at least few hours until the carpet is completely dry. It's okay to walk on the carpet with clean shoes or slippers.
With the standard carpet steam cleaning process, approximately 95% of the moisture has been extracted. The carpet normally takes around 3-6 hours to dry, depending on the carpet material and the level of airflow in the house. You can walk on the carpet upon the completion of the service.
Running ventilation fans or a portable dehumifier can speed up the carpet drying process as they keep the air surrounding your carpet dry by eliminating the moisture. If you lack a dehumifier or air conditioning, keeping your doors and windows open or running stationary fans could help. "
Yes, please make sure all furnitures have been moved prior to the arrival of the team, especially if there's any carpet area underneath the heavy furniture you'd like us to clean. Otherwise, we should be able to move light furnitures, such as small coffee tables or chairs.
Yes, we'd highly recommend to have at least one person staying in the property when the service takes place. In case any questions or issues arise.

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