Carpet Steam Cleaning in Artarmon

  • Is available for all (homes and offices)
  • Removes allergens and particles that cannot be removed by daily cleaning
  • Improves the quality of air
  • Creates a healthier space for your family and workers
  • Helps keep the upkeep of your carpet
Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Our Prices

Property Standard
1 Bed 1 Lounge 1 Hallway From $140
Extra Lounge $60
Extra Staircase $20
Extra Hallway (6sqm) $20
Stain Removal Custom quote

Carpet Cleaning Helps Those With Allergies

Reduces allergens trapped under the surface 

Sometimes having allergies is undeniable. However, there are certain steps you can take to try and ease symptoms. Having your carpet steam cleaned in Artarmon is one of those steps. This is because a lot of allergens that are present in the home are trapped between the layers and threads of your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners can use their equipment and cleaning treatments to get into the threads and remove a number of allergens.

Creates fresher air in the home

When allergens in the carpet are removed, it stops them being able to be released into the air. Since carpet cleaning greatly reduces the number of allergens in the carpet, the quality of air within your home improves. Making fresher air for you and your loved ones to breathe in.

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Our Cleaning Method

Our vision has always been to create clean homes across Sydney, so we always offer custom-made steam carpet cleaning packages in Artarmon. Here’s what you can expect from our packages:

  1. Create a workable space by removing furniture
  2. Vacuum the carpet (pre-treatment)
  3. Use any pre-sprays and treatments required for optimal stain removal
  4. Carry out carpet steam cleaning (hot water extraction method)
  5. Dry the carpet for 3-6 hours

Our methods will have your carpet looking so good before you know it. Try for yourself!

All Stains Gone!

Through our methods, we can remove the trickiest of stains. We can also remove stains from upholstery as well as carpets.

  • Food-Stain-Icon

    Crayons Mark

    A squashed crayon into the carpet is never fun. Our hot water extraction carpet cleaning in Sydney can remove it!

  • Wine-Icon

    Red Wine Stain Removal

    Nice to drink, but not nice to get out of the layers of your carpet. We can get the stains and smells from red wine spillages out.

  • Blood-Icon

    Blood Stain Removal

    One of the trickiest to remove, but not for us. Blood stains get trapped in the fibres of furniture and carpets. Our cleaning solutions are powerful enough to remove them whilst being delicate and not damaging the material of your upholstery and carpet.

  • Burger-Icon

    Food Stain Removal

    If you have a baby who has dropped food on the carpet or sofa, or a pet who eats messily… You don't have to worry. We can get rid of marks in your carpet and more.

  • Boots-Icon

    Mud And Dirt

    The great outdoors sometimes gets trampled into the house. That’s no fun, is it? However, you can go out without fear as we are here for you.

Areas We Serve Carpet Cleaning Services in Artarmon

If you are living in Artarmon and are looking for a professional carpet cleaning service for your home or your office, you can make a booking. We provide cleaning in Artarmon and nearby areas.

  • Buller Rd
  • Francis Rd
  • Broughton Rd
  • Eric Rd
  • Jersey Rd
  • Mcmillan Rd
  • Cleland Rd
  • Milner Rd
  • Barton Rd
  • Hampden Rd
  • Elizabeth St
  • Brand St
  • Palmer St
  • Robert St


This itself doesn't have a fixed answer as it depends on a few factors, such as, kids, pets, allergies and the usage of the carpet. We generally recommend to have your carpet cleaned at least 1-2 times a year. The more regular you have you carpet cleaned, the more they will last as the soil and dirt can harm you carpet.
Yes! Although we'd recommend to keep it away from heavy traffic for at least few hours until the carpet is completely dry. It's okay to walk on the carpet with clean shoes or slippers.
With the standard carpet steam cleaning process, approximately 95% of the moisture has been extracted. The carpet normally takes around 3-6 hours to dry, depending on the carpet material and the level of airflow in the house. You can walk on the carpet upon the completion of the service.
Running ventilation fans or a portable dehumifier can speed up the carpet drying process as they keep the air surrounding your carpet dry by eliminating the moisture. If you lack a dehumifier or air conditioning, keeping your doors and windows open or running stationary fans could help. "
Yes, please make sure all furnitures have been moved prior to the arrival of the team, especially if there's any carpet area underneath the heavy furniture you'd like us to clean. Otherwise, we should be able to move light furnitures, such as small coffee tables or chairs.
Yes, we'd highly recommend to have at least one person staying in the property when the service takes place. In case any questions or issues arise.

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