Moving Home Can Be Exciting!

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Moving out of your home to a new one is usually an exciting time; you’ve made marvellous memories in your current place and you cannot wait to make some more somewhere else. However, most of us dread the actual process of moving. It’s so difficult with everything that needs to be done… The paperwork, the packing, the unpacking, the cleaning. All this whilst trying to go about your day-to-day life is stressful and annoying. It makes us wish we could click our fingers and have everything done instantly.

Servtown is sorry to say that we can’t click our fingers and make everything be done for you, but we can help you prepare for your move in our latest blog post! Read ahead for our top tips on how to pack up your home for a move.

Have a Clear Out

We always tell our clients that having a clear-out should be one of the first steps when moving out. It’s the best way to get the ball rolling for packing up. Ever had that feeling after a spring clean? Your mind feels better instantly. What a feeling! Clearing all the old rubbish you’ve shoved in the back of a cupboard or left to sit in the spare room before you pack up will give you more time to focus on what you really want to be taking with you. It also gives you more space to get things done in and helps you to prepare for doing an end of lease cleaning in Sydney.

When having your clear out, also be aware of any items that professional packers and movers (if you’re using them) will usually not take. A list of prohibited items can be found on their websites or by giving them a call. These items usually include heavy cleaners, weed killers and so forth.

Buy Your Packing Stuff

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Eye up all your belongings and work out what you’re going to need. Boxes, bubble wrap and tape are all essential when moving out. Make sure you check your breakables and get enough bubble wrap to ensure they don’t get smashed around. If you’re worried about it, there are also various professional packers located in Sydney that can assist you with packing and unpacking! If you’re set on doing everything yourself, we recommend these as the absolutely necessary items to buy when packing up your home:

  • Decent scissors
  • Tape
  • Thick markers
  • Boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Paper for protection (old newspapers work well)
  • Labels

Make an Inventory

This is a step that many people miss out, but it’s a really important one and protects your valuable items. Make a list of all items you care about and/or have sentimental value. When unpacking in your new home, try to check these off first and if any items are not there, immediately get in touch with the moving company you used. As well as writing down your inventory, write down any serial numbers or take pictures of the items to protect yourself further.

Make a Checklist

As well as making an inventory, making a checklist will help you when packing up your home for a move. Moving out of your Sydney home isn’t always an easy task, so having everything in black and white and on paper will help keep the moving out process simple and saves you from forgetting something. The points in this blog are a great way to start your checklist and then you can add to it to personalise for your specific needs.


When moving out, a lot of us just want to pack everything up and get stuff done as soon as possible. Remember, though, that when you pack up your home, you’ll be unpacking it in your new home at some point! If you’re organised when packing, it will make unpacking so much easier. For this reason, categorising as much as possible will help you. Some categories you can consider going by are:

  • By room (if you use a professional, they will pack by room)
  • By fragility
  • By item (books, clothes)
  • By usage (it’s always a good idea to pack one box of stuff you can use right away when unpacking – no one enjoys rummaging through twenty boxes to try and find their frying pan – less important stuff can be labelled as
  • such and these can be unpacked last)

Separate Items You Don’t Want Packing

Although making an inventory is a great way to make sure your items are protected, there are sometimes things you just don’t want to be packed away. These could have great personal value to you, or you may just want to use them instantly so would rather keep them on your person. Whatever the reason, keeping these to one side and clearly marking them as items that are not to be packed as you’re packing up the rest of your house will help you.

This applies for if you’re using a professional packing service or if you and your family are packing stuff away (there’s always one member of the household who throws stuff in boxes haphazardly, so make sure you don’t let them!).

Utilise What You Have

Once everything is on the inventory and categorised, the packing commences. Packing everything well is key here. Here are our best tips:

  • Use cling film – cling film will become your best friend when moving. Wrap it on the top of bottles and jars to prevent leakages. If you’re moving chests of drawers, cling film the top of those, too. Keep light items (such as clothes) in drawers before moving and it’s two birds with one stone. Be sure to take heavier items out of drawers
  • Wrap stuff – simple, yet effective. Use newspaper and bubble wrap to protect everything
  • Wrap with clothing – t-shirts are great for extra cushioning. You can also use socks to stick into your shoes to stop them from becoming misshapen
  • Use suitcases – an abundance of households have old suitcases lying around, don’t let them travel to your new place empty
  • Use bedding – bedding is great for snuggling a few things inside to protect them, just don’t forget you’ve packed things in them when unpacking!
  • Original boxes – If you have any original boxes with the original packing materials inside, use them. Companies pack them for protection when they are sold, so using them for your move is perfect

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Even when you follow your checklist and prepare well in advance, moving out is always going to be a weight on your mind. Asking for help is one of the best things to do in these situations, so don’t be afraid to ask for help when moving out of your home. Ask your family and friends, or ask a professional packing and unpacking service to step in!

We hope that our hints help you pack your home and we wish you a pleasant move and a great time in your new abode.